Arcadia Quartz Restoration and Slate Repair

Why Natural Stone Is a Must

If you live in Arcadia Arizona, you probably either have natural stone in your home, or know someone who does. It’s not hard to see why stones like quartz, granite, and marble have become so popular over the past few years, and for multiple reasons. 

It’s sleek, beautiful finish enhances any room and adds a touch of luxury that you’d be missing with any alternatives. And speaking of alternatives, natural stone outlasts those by years, making it an extremely worthwhile investment. Really, when you weigh the odds natural stone is full of upsides. But, if you have natural stone that’s not being maintained correctly, it can have serious consequences. And sometimes that means you need a team of natural stone experts to help prevent disaster. 

Keep Your Stone In Top Shape 

What do we mean by disaster? Picture this. You walk into someone’s home and instead of seeing gorgeous countertops, you find cracked, discolored, or faded stone. How do you think of that person’s house from that point on, no matter how nice the rest of it is? The sad truth is it only takes one thing to ruin the look and feel of an entire room. You work hard to make your home look great, and you definitely don’t deserve for one detail like damaged stone to take away from that. If you’ve noticed your countertops or tile showing signs of damage,  you’re not alone. Many homeowners who have had their natural stone for a few years start to notice damage. But what could cause something literally rock hard to be damaged? 

There are actually several surprising substances in your home that can cause heavy damage to stone! Things like lemon juice, coffee, and cleaners are corrosive and can eat away at the finish. Not only that, but they seep deep into the stone and lead to further sometimes even permanent damage later on! That’s something no home owner wants to deal with, and with All Stone Pro, you don’t have to. We have the tools and equipment to handle any type of stone damage. And, we even specialize in a few areas that the other guys don’t: Arcadia Quartz Restoration and Arcadia Slate Repair.

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Arcadia AZ Quartz Restoration and Slate Repair

You won’t find too many stone companies that are willing to work with quartz and many will sigh at the thought. That’s because quartz is more complex than other natural stone. In fact, over half of the quartzite that you see today in homes is not the real material at all – it’s man made in a factory! Since it is made up of different components, it needs to be treated differently than real natural quartz.

Unlike others, All Stone Pro is happy to restore your quartz and make it look as good as new, whether it’s natural or man-made. We’ve spent years perfecting quartz restoration in Arcadia, and we’d love to show you our service. Our Arcadia quartz restoration team is standing by and ready to restore your stone to brand new! 

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Slate is another tricky stone to work with. Just think about it – slate is almost always used in multiple pieces together. So if one piece gets damaged, then the entire area looks off. When you think about things like sun exposure and the elements, the amount of wear and tear varies by the location of each stone. You could find a replacement, but without the same weathering, it will look too new. With one shiny new slab of slate, it just makes every other piece look worn out. The optimal solution is to repair your damaged stone. Whether it has chips, cracks, or just looks more faded than the rest, All Stone Pro’s Arcadia AZ slate repair team will make your natural stone look seamless again.

How Can You Get Started?

Getting started is easy! Just reach out to us by phone or contact form here and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll ask a few questions about your stone over the phone, and set up a time that’s convenient for you to examine the stone. After analyzing the damage and location, we’ll set up a specialized treatment plan specifically for your stone, and get to work. Our team has years of experience working with natural stone, so if you have questions about the damage, how to maintain the stone in the future, or something else, we’d be happy to help. All Stone Pro’s entire goal is to help you like we would if it was our own countertops and tile. That means your stone stays in great shape for longer, and less phone calls to us! We can’t wait to serve you for quartz restoration, slate repair, or any other stone service. You can see the full list here. Reach out to All Stone Pro today! 

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