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Many Boulders Arizona residents love to use natural stone in their living space. It’s common to find slate, quartz and other natural stone both inside ad outside of homes. What makes natural stone so attractive for use in houses in Boulders?

Not only does it look incredible, adding a sleek finish to any room or patio, it’s also a good long-term investment. Materials like laminate, wood, and other alternatives just don’t hold up the same over the years. Plus, it’s much harder to damage stones like quartz or slate on accident considering they are literally rock hard. 

That doesn’t mean though that your natural stone is invincible. Without the proper care and maintenance, your natural stone can take away from the look of your entire home! When you work so hard to make everything in your house look nice, it’s not fair to have stains, cracks, or chips in your stone take away from that. So what are some common mistakes that lead to damaged natural stone?

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This might shock you, but even though quartz and slate are durable, they have weaknesses you wouldn’t expect. Acids, coffee, and even certain chemical compounds can wreak havoc on them in minutes. What type of chemicals are we referring to? Many of them are already in your home – that’s right, typical household cleaners, even the ones that promise they’re for “all surfaces” can negatively impact different natural stones.  Almost everyone is guilty of using a cleaner at some point on their counters, tile floor or other stone surface. When you notice damage on your stone, what should you do?

Quartz Repair and Slate Restoration

You could call your local home fixer or handyman. But chances are, they don’t work with natural stone on a regular basis. And even if they do, they’re more likely to use quick fixes or one size fits all solutions.

Those might hide the damage for a few months, but over time they’ll degrade until you’re back where you started. On the other hand if you contact Allstone Pro, you’ll be connected with experienced professionals that repair and restore natural stone every single day. What does that mean for you and your stone?

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Your Quartz, Marble, Slate and other stone get the treatment and care you deserve. We take a different approach for each type of stone based on the material, level of damage, and location. Instead of a quick fix, we’ll diagnose your stone and create a treatment plan that makes it last for years. We offer a variety of different services to keep your Boulders AZ natural stone in top condition. Our goal is to do our job so well that you don’t have to call us again! If you’re ready to revive your natural stone, reach out through our contact form or give us a call at 602-312-6242.


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