Carefree, Arizona Natural Stone Repair

Revive Your Natural Stone

If you live in Carefree Arizona, chances are you have natural stone in some part of your home. Whether it’s quartz countertops, a slate stone wall or even patio, there’s no denying it – natural stone looks good.

It adds a bit of nature and luxury to any room and makes your Carefree Arizona home even more inviting.

So while for many homeowners natural stone is an obvious choice, most don’t realize what happens when it’s not taken care of properly. And the truth is, it can lead to disaster!

Caring For Your Quartz, Slate, and Natural Stone 

What exactly can go wrong with your natural stone? You might be thinking, natural stone is rock hard – literally! And you’re right, while natural stones like Quartz and slate are extremely durable in most cases, they still have their weaknesses.

See if any of them sound familiar to you: acids, coffee, and even chemicals. These substances can erode, weaken, or damage the finish on your stone. In some cases, they eat through the rock itself. While most of us cook with acids and are used to our morning cup of coffee, where do the chemicals come into play?

You might be surprised to learn many of those household cleaners, yes the ones that promise they work on almost ANY surface, can actually damage your stone. On top of that, there’s the occasional dropped heavy object that chips or scratches your stone.

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Does Your Natural Stone Need Repair?

When accidents happen though, what are your options? Many homeowners seeking Carefree Arizona Quartz restoration or Slate repair will call the local cleaning company they trust, or even a handyman. While those services might be great for typical household problems, natural stone is unique. Your stone isn’t made for quick fixes, or one size fits all solutions.

Many commercial grade cleaners can set stains permanently, and most stone chip repair products don’t match the color, and texture of your counters or floors. That means you’re left with natural stone that looks a lot less well, natural.

Don’t let one spot detract from the entire room! You work hard to keep your home in top shape, and you don’t deserve for one stain, chip, or bad repair to ruin it. So how can you get the care for your stone that you deserve?

How Allstone Pro Benefits You

Unlike your other options, Allstone Pro specializes in natural stone. Our team located in Carefree AZ performs Quartz repair, slate restoration, and other natural stone services to make your countertops, floors, and patios look new again. We’ve worked with all types of natural stone, and understand how to best care for each and every kind.

That means more efficient service, and less time you spend worrying about your stone. If you’re in need of natural stone restoration or repair, simply give us a call or fill out our contact form here. We look forward to making your stone look great!


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