Carpet Cleaning Services



We want to make every part of your house look beautiful – not just your stone. One of the very first things guests notice when they enter your home is your flooring.

Your floor will stand out, for better or worse. If you have carpet in any part of your home, it can be difficult to keep it looking new. Over time, carpet can begin to look worn, and even dirty. Spills, pets, and regular everyday use can damage the look and feel of your floor.

When dirt is tracked inside or spills happen, the particles go deep within the carpet and actually start to bind with the carpet fibers. No matter how hard you try, regular cleaning methods can’t fully reach the residue of the stain.

That also means using typical household cleaners won’t get the job done. Some of them can even bleach your carpet, leaving it splotchy and looking like a mess! You could spend hours, even multiple days of letting a cleaner set and then dry, and still not get rid of that dark spot on your floor.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Removes Stains

Have a pet that made a mess? Or did a glass of wine end up all over the carpet? All Stone Pro can get even the dark stains out, so you spend less time cleaning and worrying about if your guests will notice, and more time enjoying their company!

Brighter Floors

Dust, dirt, and other particles can take your carpet from looking great to looking worn out – when really all it needs is a thorough cleaning. A bright, spotless floor will take attention off the floor and to the rest of your beautiful home. 

Healthier Home

Removing the dirt and bacteria that’s hiding in your carpet makes for a healthier home environment. That means less allergens and germs for you and your loved ones to breathe in, which could contribute to a variety of health problems.


All Stone Pro uses a specialized treatment to get beyond the surface of the carpet. Then, it breaks down the binding to separate dirt and grime from the fibers without causing damage.

Next, the cleaning agent removes stains and brightens carpet to get it back to its original form. All that’s left is for our technicians to remove now separated debris, and your carpet will once again look how it was meant to! The process even takes care of the excess water, meaning your carpet only needs a few hours to dry.

Not only does this process make your carpet look better, it substantially extends its life. Since you don’t have to replace your carpet for longer, you’re saving money and enhancing the beauty of your floors. After a single day’s work, you can transform your carpet from a dirty and worn floor into one that looks like it was just brought into your home!


After contacting All Stone Pro, a certified cleaning and restoration specialist will diagnose your carpet needs and give you a quote free of charge. To restore your carpet and make it look new again, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (602)-312-6242. 


When your carpet needs a deep clean, it’s time to contact us and schedule your expert restoration service immediatly. All Stone Pro is an expert in stain removal and brightening in order to bring your carpet back to its original color. 

I’ve used JCS Clean several times now, not only do they do great work, Dustin is very professional, personable and thorough. I plan to always use their service!

Jesse W.

Peoria, AZ