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Tired of Looking at Your Damaged Countertop?

You’ve spend thousands of dollars on your beautiful countertops. It’s the jewel of your kitchen…even your friends rave about how good they look.

But, all you see is that chip staring back at your face everytime you walk in.

Your eyes are locked on like a magnet that won’t let go.

Is this the end of your stunning kitchen counters?

Are you forever haunted by that damaged edge?

If you’ve been pulling your hair out over how bad these chips, gouges and cracks make your countertops look……we can help!

The best part is that you’ll get same-day results.

How Good Does The Repair Look?
Judge For Yourself…

Check out these before and after images and see how good these repairs look. Nobody will ever know, in fact sometimes we have to point out the repaired areas when we’re finished because clients can’t find them anymore!





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“Dustin gets you scheduled in quick, and does great quality work!”

Alicia Jackson, Phoenix AZ

“I would highly recommend Dustin to anyone seeking similar service at a very reasonable price!”

Ed Osby, Phoenix AZ

“I’ve used Dustin several times…he’s very professional, personable and thorough.”

Jesse, Peoria AZ

“I was shocked to see how much of a difference Dustin was able to make!”

Jerry R, Anthem AZ

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Frequently Asked Questions


What countertop materials do you repair?

We repair Quartzite, Quartz, Marble, Dolomite, Granite, Limestone, Soapstone, Travertine and Serpentine.


What types of damage can you repair?

We handle your toughest chips, scratches, acid stains, etching and grease marks.


How long does it last?

Our repair last the lifetime of your stone.


What's the next step?

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