Desert Mountain Arizona Quartz Repair and Slate Restoration

Your Natural Stone Can Gleam Again

Not every type of stone is created equal. Here locally in Desert Mountain, AZ, natural stone has become more and more popular as the years go by, and for good reason! It looks beautiful, and is very versatile.

Many Arizona homeowners already have it in their kitchen, bathrooms, or outdoor areas. Whether you’re sporting shiny quartz countertops, or the modern slate tile in the shower, one concern may shock you. Many homeowners don’t realize that their natural stone, if not maintained properly, can become a huge problem.

While natural stone is meant to last forever, the years can take their toll. Have you noticed cracks, chips, or stains on your natural stone? Even though this stone is more sturdy and protected against most damage, these issues can still show up. What contributes to this? Coffee, acids, and unfortunately many chemicals in household cleaners can cause damage to your quartz, marble, or slate.

These things not only impact the look and feel of your natural stone, but can also present deeper problems in the future. Weakening of the stone may also occur. Between all these things, and the regular daily use, damage is bound to show up before too long. Fortunately, All Stone pro has been helping customers everyday with Desert Mountain Arizona Natural stone restoration. With our help, you’ll never feel overwhelmed when problems arise. Take a look at some of our many services here.

How Quartz Restoration is Different

While your natural stone is an overall durable choice, not all are created equal. Granite, slate, and marble each have their own individual physical properties. Quartz is especially tricky, since some materials claiming to be quartz are actually man made from different pigments and glass! While all are beautiful, you have to treat their damage accordingly. A company needs to know the best way to repair each stone, but to do that, they also need to know the difference between them all.

This is why many natural stone companies shy away from Desert Mountain AZ Quartz restoration. These unique materials need to be treated completely differently, which can become a problem when a non-expert attempts to do so. All Stone Pro performs Desert Mountain Arizona quartz restoration and quartzite restoration regularly, and professionally. We have the necessary knowledge and equipment, along with years of experience to treat this stone properly.

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Make Your Slate Look Brand New

Slate is another type of special stone. Its unique look is why so many people love having it in their homes, but it also is what makes it difficult to treat.

Since slate is designed to look rougher compared to quartz or marble, it can wear down easier. Swapping a tile for either repair or replacement without the right tools can be a nightmare. At All Stone Pro, we perform Desert Mountain Arizona slate repair regularly.

We’ll carefully examine each piece, and be able to come up the best option for treatment immediately. When it comes to Desert Mountain Arizona Slate Repair, All Stone Pro has the experience and expertise to make every piece of natural stone in your home look great again.

How To Jumpstart Your Stone Restoration

When you get in touch with our team, we’ll get to know your stone. We want to find out information about type of stone, the location, and more so we can identify the damage and find the perfect solution. If you have pictures you can send our way that is always helpful! We’ll find a time convenient for you to examine and diagnose your stone free of charge, and then suggest an action plan to get your stone looking great again.

We don’t just service quartz and slate though. We offer a wide range of services including everything from honing and sealing your stone to grout cleaning and more. Our top priority is making sure your home looks and feels the way you deserve it to. You can learn more about us here.

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