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Make Your Natural Stone Shine!

If your home is located in Flagstaff Arizona, we’re willing to bet that in at least one room you have natural stone. Whether it’s granite kitchen countertops, marble bathroom sinks, or beautiful tile throughout your home, it’s easy to see why natural stone is becoming so popular.

Not only does it make any area look luxurious, but it adds a touch of nature to your Flagstaff Arizona home. It’s been proven that our environment has a big impact on our stress level, and our happiness. So why shouldn’t your home feel great?

For these reasons and many more, natural stone is an obvious choice. But there’s one problem: many Flagstaff Arizona natural stone owners don’t realize what happens when it’s not taken care of properly. And the truth is, if it’s not being maintained it can lead to a headache!


High Quality Service To Your Natural Stone

How could something go wrong with your stone? Especially when it’s one of the most durable materials available, it may seem indestructible. But just like everything, it has its weaknesses. Maybe you’ve already seen the damage that can be done – you come home and notice a chip, crack, or stain on your precious quartz counter or slate patio.

You have to look at it every day and just can’t seem to get it out of your mind. You might be asking yourself “where did that even come from?” The answer may surprise you. Here’s a few of the normal weaknesses for natural stone: acidic liquids, coffee, and even chemicals. Substances like this can not only weaken, but majorly damage your stone.

That’s right, sometimes just a squirt of lemon juice or spilled cup of coffee is all it takes to leave your stone vulnerable. But, you don’t need to worry. Allstone Pro is at your service, and ready to help revive your stone!

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What Makes Allstone Pro Different

Why choose us? We service all types of stone on a regular basis. That means whether you need Flagstaff Arizona Quartz restoration or slate repair, we’ve got you covered. While other fix-it services might be great for typical household problems, natural stone is unique.

That means you need a natural stone expert with the tools and experience to treat your stone right. We’ll examine the level of damage, the type of stone, and location to not only diagnose your stone, but give you a personalized treatment plan to make it look great again. 

Restore Your Stone Today

Getting in touch with us is as easy as clicking the contact page or giving us a call. Our team located in Flagstaff AZ specializes in quartz repair, slate restoration, and many other natural stone services that most companies don’t have experience in.

If you’re ready to make your countertops, patio, and flooring look brand new again, get in touch with us here. Or give us a call us 602-312-6242 Our goal is to treat your stone the same way we would for our own homes. Allstone Pro looks forward to making your stone look great!


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Ed Osby, Phoenix AZ

“I’ve used Dustin several times…he’s very professional, personable and thorough.”

Jesse, Peoria AZ

“I was shocked to see how much of a difference Dustin was able to make!”

Jerry R, Anthem AZ

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