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When you hear the term beautiful countertops, what comes to mind? Many people immediately think of huge and luxurious marble, quartz, or granite slabs. All three of these are what’s considered natural stone, and they’re by far the golden standard when it comes to luxury countertops.

It’s not hard to understand why natural stone has become so popular over the past few years. They’re eye-catching, extremely durable, and provide a natural element to any room. In Mirabel Village Arizona natural stone can be found in almost all of the area’s modern homes, and the owners love it! There’s one thing that many Mirabel Village homeowners don’t see coming though: If your stone is not maintained regularly, it can lead to disaster.

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Restore Your Stone’s Beauty

At first you might be thinking, that sounds like an exaggeration. How could not keeping up with a durable, literally rock hard counter lead to something like disaster? Imagine this. Over time, your once amazing countertops begin to wear a little, not enough to be noticed but just enough to remove the outer finish. Now you spill something, or something lands on your countertops. You might be able to wipe up what’s on the surface, but natural stones are porous.

That means liquids and solids alike can fit through those tiny holes and sink in. And once it’s there, its almost impossible to get out. Now they’re showing wear, and even signs of discolor. What was once the perfect centerpiece to your kitchen is now taking away from the entire room! Believe it or not, we’ve witnessed this nightmare several times when dealing with Mirabel Village Natural Stone. It’s amazing to think all of that could be prevented by doing a little regular upkeep on your countertops.

Does your stone already look like the end result we just mentioned? If so, your Mirabel Village Natural Stone team is here to help. We work with all types of natural stone, but there are a few areas we specialize in that most other stone companies don’t.

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Quartz Restoration Services

Many homes in Mirabel Village need quartz restoration, whether its in the kitchen, bathroom or somewhere else. Quartz is especially tricky because there are actually two types of stone that pass for the same thing – natural quartzite, which comes from rock slabs and quartz, a manmade substance that’s designed to resemble the real thing. While both look beautiful in your home, they are made up of entirely different materials. That means if your stone is repaired the wrong way, your countertops could be ruined permanently.

All Stone Pro has worked in the area of quartz restoration for years. Whether your quartz or quartzite is just starting to show a little wear, or is in rough shape, we can make the damage disappear! Our Mirabel Village quartz restoration team is at your service.

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Mirabel Village Arizona Slate Repair

Another type of stone we find many homeowners struggle to get repaired right is slate. Slate is common, but repairing it is difficult. Matching the right color and texture can be tricky, especially depending on its location in the home. At All Stone Pro, we carefully examine the damage, location, and create a treatment plan to make your stone look as good as it did the day you put it in! We’re ready and available to perform slate repair in the Mirabel Village area.

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