Paradise Valley Natural Stone Restoration

Your Natural Stone Can Last Forever

If you live in the Paradise Valley area, it takes a lot of effort to keep your home looking great, especially if you have natural stone.

Materials like marble, granite, and travertine make your living space look even more beautiful. Not to mention when cared for properly, they last forever! But sometimes, maintaining them can be a pain.

With how much time we spend at home, there’s bound to be scratches, spills, and even the occasional chip on your natural stone. When disaster strikes, what can you do to keep your surfaces looking in top shape?

How You Repair Your Stone Matters

Many people turn to their cleaning closet to deal with tough stains, or even try to buff out the scratches themselves. What most homeowners don’t know is that in most cases, it actually makes matters worse! Household chemicals, and even some claiming to work on “all surfaces” end up doing more damage instead of helping the situation. Most natural stone and tiles like travertine, are very porous. That means whatever chemicals you put on your stone will soak in deep, setting stains or damaging the surface further.

What about buffing out those scratches? Using the wrong tools can leave you with damaged stone. You could end up with your marble or natural stone losing its shine, or worse – the damage could become permanent. So if fixing the stone yourself can be risky, what’s your next move?

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Stone Restoration Specialists

Many call professional cleaning companies who assure you they can make the problem disappear. But if they don’t specialize in stone care, can you really guarantee they won’t make similar mistakes?

Imagine having to replace an entire countertop because a cleaning expert “promises” they can fix any surface.

With natural stone, that gets expensive fast. When your natural stone is damaged, who you choose to help can make all the difference.

Restore Your Stone Today

At All Stone Pro, we specialize in all things natural stone for Paradise Valley, Arizona. We’re not just a cleaning company, we’re a natural stone restoration company.

If anything goes wrong with your marble, granite, or other stone, we can bring it back to its original form without the extra risks of using a DIY solution. Not only can we make it look like new, but our work includes services like honing and sealing to keep your stone looking great longer. Whether it’s Paradise Valley countertop repair, tile cleaning, or something else we’ve got your back.

If you’re in need of stone repair or restoration, getting started is easy. Simply fill out our contact form or give us a call at the number listed above. We’ll start by finding out what the problem is with a few simple questions, and diagnose what your stone needs. Then, we’ll craft a treatment plan to make your stone look great again. All that’s left is to schedule a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll take care of the rest. To get started, simply fill out our contact form or give us a call.


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