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Using natural stone tile and counter tops can add a beautiful finish to your home. Natural stone is extremely durable, which means you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged from heat or scratches.

And because it lasts so much longer than other similar materials, it’s extremely cost effective! The biggest challenge natural stone owner’s face is the threat of discoloration or a damaged finish. Who hasn’t had a major spill in their kitchen?

Drinks like tea, coffee, and wine can turn an amazing counter or floor into a nightmare to try to fix. In addition, your stone could be exposed to all sorts of chemicals and acids that can eat away at its beauty.

Specialized Stone Cleaning For Phoenix Clients

You could try any number of cleaners, but many of these are corrosive and make things worse. Now you have a stain and permanently damaged stone!

Although several cleaning companies claim to be up to the task, many use these same chemicals or harsh abrasives.

Replacing the whole stone counter or tile just won’t work. With natural stone being very expensive, you’ll end up spending a lot of extra money, and installation can be a hassle.

All Stone Pro who specializes in natural stone cleaning in Phoenix AZ, realized there was a need for a more affordable way to deal with stone when accidents happen, or when your finish has lost its shine. They have spent years perfecting their craft learning the best techniques to bring your counters and tile back to life.

With experienced powder polishing methods, All Stone Pro uses powerful tools containing oxalic and aluminum acid to remove stains in a way that is both safe and effective.

Our skilled specialists apply them carefully to restore your stone to perfection. We also offer maintenance polishes to keep your stone looking its best.


Bring Your Grout Back To Life

We recognize it’s not just your tile that needs attention. If your grout looks discolored, it could take away from the appearance of your entire floor.

Nothing looks worse than having perfectly polished stone with dirty-looking grout in between each tile. That is why in addition to specializing in tile, we also offer grout cleaning in Phoenix AZ.

After contacting All Stone Pro, a fully certified specialist will diagnose your stone needs and provide you with a free estimate.

With All Stone Pro services, you can enjoy how beautiful your restored natural stone looks in your home. To get your stone back to its natural glow, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (602)-312-6242

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