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Your Beautiful Natural Stone

Natural stone has become more popular than ever over the last five years. It looks amazing, but beauty is just one of the many reasons why it’s the go-to for many Prescott AZ homeowners. The fact is if it’s made of natural stone, it will last forever. And if your home is in Prescott, Arizona natural stone is probably already in your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor area.

Whether yours comes in the form of quartz countertops or slate tile, two things about natural stone are true. First, not every type of stone is created equal. And the second might shock you. The majority of homeowners with natural stone don’t realize that when it’s not properly maintained, your beautiful countertops or flooring can turn into a disaster!

High Quality Service To Your Natural Stone

Has your natural stone started showing signs of damage? Chips, stains, and cracks are all common, especially if you’ve had your natural stone for a number of years already. We just mentioned natural stone lasts forever, so how could this happen?

Even though stone is very sturdy and protected against most damage, sadly it’s not invincible. So what could impact the look and feel of your marble, quartz or slate? Coffee, acids, and even chemicals – the exact same ones you find in household cleaners, can damage your stone! It not only can affect the color and the finish, but can also contribute to deeper problems in the future, such as weakening the stone and allowing deeper damage.

Between these substances, a household object hitting them too hard, and regular use, you’re looking at a combo that means damage is bound to happen. And that’s okay, because you’re not in this on your own. Allstone Pro has your back. We help customers every day with Prescott natural stone restoration. Take a look at some of our many services or view the full list here:

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Prescott AZ Slate Repair

Slate is one type of stone that can be difficult to treat properly. Because slate is designed to look rougher compared to smooth glossy stones, it can get a bit more worn. And because of its unique look in every house, decorative slate can be very difficult to match if it needs to be replaced. Swapping in a new piece of slate or tile makes it very difficult to find a perfect match and repairing slate without the proper tools is almost impossible.

At All Stone Pro, we perform Prescott AZ slate repair regularly, and can tell the best option for treating damage right away. We’ll carefully examine the damage and create a treatment plan that is the right option so your home doesn’t have even one piece of slate out of place. When it comes to Prescott Arizona Slate Repair All Stone Pro has the expert advice and treatment to make your stone look great again.

Prescott AZ Quartz Restoration

As we mentioned already, all types of natural stone are not created equal. Why is that important for you? Because granite, marble, and slate all have different physical properties, colors, and most importantly the way that you treat their damage. When it comes to the tough ones, Quartz is especially tricky. That’s because some countertops that claim to be made from quartz are actually manmade in a factory from pigments, glass, and other materials! That doesn’t make it look any less beautiful in your home, but it does affect how it’s treated. A stone company not only has to be able to tell the difference, but know the best route to repair it, and that’s why so many companies shy away from Prescott AZ Quartz restoration.

Do you see how this can get problematic when a non-expert tries to fix your stone? They’re entirely different and need to be treated uniquely too. All Stone Pro performs Prescott Arizona Quartz Restoration and Quartzite restoration on a regular basis. Not only have we been working with both materials for years, but we have the necessary equipment and ability to get the stone treated properly.

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