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Keep Your Natural Stone In Great Shape

Many luxurious properties in the Prescott Arizona area contain natural stone. Whether its used in countertops, bathrooms, or flooring, materials like Marble, Travertine, and Granite can enhance the feel of your home or rental property.

Natural stone is durable, high quality, and works great in several places within your space. But what about when something goes wrong with your natural stone?

If stone starts to look faded, stained, or even chipped, it takes away from the room. Your guests won’t be focusing on the beautiful work of stone in front of them – all they’ll see is the spot that doesn’t look right.

And there’s nothing worse than having guests in your home and feeling uncomfortable because one small piece doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to. If your Prescott Arizona property needs natural stone restoration, we can help.


High Quality Service To Your Natural Stone

With years of experience in the field of restoration, stone cleaning and repair, we can make your stone look new again. Many Prescott homeowners and property managers turn to do it yourself solutions, but we’ve seen firsthand the damage it can cause your stone.

Even stone repair kits from your local hardware store can leave you with a mess. We’ve seen do it yourself solutions leave discolored stone, and often damage the material on a deeper level! That’s because products like this are not designed specifically for your type of stone. Plus, every stone problem is different and needs specific care, so why rely on tools that promise “one solution fits all”?

All Stone Pro takes a unique approach to every job. Before we even begin, we’ll diagnose your stone to find out the underlying problem and the solution with the best results. And since each service is designed specifically with your stone in mind, it makes the entire process more efficient giving you the best care for your natural stone in record time. We use this same approach for Prescott countertop repair and full natural stone restoration. If your stone needs any kind of service, reach out to All Stone Pro for an experienced team with the tools to make your natural stone look new again.

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Prescott AZ Stone and Tile Cleaning

Tile is a great way to keep your floors looking nice for years. It’s durable, makes drops and spills easy to clean up, and adds something extra to any room or patio. Over time however, dirt, mites, and other unwanted materials can start to build up and hide the gleam out of your tile.

While household cleaning can help in some cases, it doesn’t have the deep cleaning power to restore your tile’s natural shine. That’s why All Stone Pro is here for all of your Prescott AZ tile cleaning needs. We specialize in tile cleaning in addition to natural stone restoration. If you notice your patio looking faded or the kitchen floor starting to look dull, get in touch with us.

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We look forward to helping you make your stone look as good as new!


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