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Natural stone adds a wonderful touch to the design of your home. It creates an inviting space while providing a natural presence to any room or property. Not to mention it’s extremely durable, so your investment will last for years in great condition!

What many Grayhawk homeowners don’t realize is that natural stone needs proper care to stay in great shape physically, and look its best. But what exactly is needed to keep your stone in top condition, and what happens if it’s not take care of?

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Many homes make use of natural stone in the kitchen countertops and tile, and even in bathroom floors. Stone like granite, marble, and quartz are resistant to most common items that could cause your counters or floor harm. However, some things you might not expect can do some real damage. Have you ever had lemon juice or coffee spill on your counter? You might have even cleaned these up with your average household cleaners. It’s shocking to learn that all these substances can destroy natural stone without the homeowner even realizing it.

Acids, chemicals, and dark-colored liquids wreak havoc on certain types of stone. Not only do they eat away at the finish, but they can sink deeper into the porous surface. Notice a stain, crack, or other damage on your stone? We can help. Allstone Pro is the solution for all your natural stone problems. Unlike your regular cleaning service or handyman, we deal with natural stone on a daily basis. That means whether it’s Grayhawk countertop repair, chip repair, or stone cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Our Grayhawk, Arizona natural stone restoration team is ready to help you revive your stone.

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Grayhawk AZ Stone and Tile Cleaning

Many homes in Arizona contain the natural stone travertine inside, by the pool, or on an outdoor patio. And while it looks great, over time it can start to show signs of wear. The natural elements can slowly erode the finish from your once shining stone. Even worse, it can start to look faded or discolor.

You deserve for your home to look great inside and out, and something as small as this could take away from the whole appearance. At Allstone Pro, travertine is one of the stones we work with most, which means you’re getting an experienced professional at your service, every time. Whether you need travertine cleaning in Grayhawk, tile cleaning, or deeper repairs, we do it all.

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If you’re ready to have a professional team at your disposal for natural stone, give us a call or fill out our contact form here. In addition to full natural stone restoration, we offer a variety of other services such as countertop chip repair, grout cleaning and more for Grayhawk Arizona. When you contact us, we’ll find out more information about your stone, diagnose the damage, and create a specialized treatment plan that’s right for your stone. Then, we’ll schedule a time at your convenience to transform your stone. Even if you have questions about your stone treatment before you book with us, we’d love to help. 


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