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Silverleaf Arizona Natural Stone

It’s no secret why natural stone has become so popular over the past few years. Not only does it make any room look spectacular, it also has many great qualities that the alternatives just can’t compete with!

Whether you have quartz countertops, a slate patio, or travertine tile flooring, the truth is it will last forever. And if you live in Silverleaf, Arizona natural stone is most likely already a part of your beautiful home.

There are two things you should know when it comes to your countertops and tile: Not all natural stone is created equal, and many homeowners don’t realize what happens if natural stone is not properly maintained. The truth is, it can lead to disaster!

Is Your Stone Damaged? We Can Help!

Have you noticed chips, cracks, scratches or even stains in your natural stone? It can be a stressful sight, but this can occur for several reasons. Natural stone is extremely durable, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. So what can damage your quartz, marble, or other stone? The answer may shock you. Regular household substances like chemical cleaning agents, acidic liquids, even coffee – yes even coffee can damage the surface of your stone.

Not only does it discolor, but it eats away at the finish, and can cause deeper issues underneath. And if you have a natural stone patio or tile, chances are they’re getting quite a bit of use. Between the occasional heavy object dropped, foot traffic, and the elements like the blazing Arizona sun, at some point damage is bound to happen. When it does, you don’t have to worry. Allstone Pro has your back. We provide Silverleaf Arizona natural stone restoration and repair for all kinds of stone, even the difficult ones. Take a look at a couple of the many services we specialize in below:

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Silverleaf AZ Quartz Restoration

Like we said before, not all stone is created equal. That means they each have their own quirks, weaknesses, not to mention physical properties. Quartz is one of the most difficult to repair, especially because some modern countertops that claim to be made from quartz aren’t really at all.

There’s a huge difference between quartz and quartzite from the color, to even the way they’re made. Quartzite is the natural rock that comes from the earth and is pressed and refined into what we see today. But many companies now produce what they just call quartz – a mix of resins, pigments, and glass.  Do you see how this can get problematic when a non-expert tries to fix your stone?

They’re entirely different, and need to be treated uniquely too. Allstone Pro performs Silverleaf Arizona Quartz Restoration and Quartzite on a regular basis. We have the tools and experience to get the job done no matter the stone.

Silverleaf Arizona Slate Repair

Slate is another type of stone that can be tricky. Unlike most cut stones which have a very smooth, glossy surface, slate is usually found in areas where it can get a bit more worn. Slate tiles or decorative slate walls can be difficult to match because of their unique look.

So swapping in a new tile or piece of slate typically doesn’t look perfect, and repair slate without the proper tools is almost impossible. At Allstone Pro, we’ve had experience working with slate and can tell the best way to repair it within seconds.

We analyze the damage, location, and size of the rock to provide a treatment plan that’s specific to your stone. When it comes to Silverleaf Arizona Slate Repair Allstone Pro has the expert advice and treatment to make your stone look great gain.


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