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Is Your Quartz In Need of Repair?

Quartz is a great natural stone for use in any home. It looks beautiful in the kitchen, as bathroom countertops and even as the centerpiece to any room.

Many homeowners in Arizona love making use of quartz for these reasons, and because over the years it will outlast non-natural stone alternatives. But what most people don’t realize is that without the proper care, quartz will need maintenance and even quartz repair!

Have you noticed your quartz starting to look dull, cracked or even chipped? You’re not alone. We see all types of quartz damage on a regular daily basis. The reason why might shock you.

Revive Your Counters, Tile and More

While we’re used to thinking of all quartz as being a truly natural stone, that’s not always the case. Because quartz takes thousands of years to come about naturally, much of the stone you see is actually engineered!  While the stone components are natural, the final product is manufactured. That means it ages differently than other natural rock over time. So what does all of this mean for your stone?

If your quartz has damage – whether it’s man-made or not, we have the tools and experience to make it look great again. Allstone Pro is used to working with both truly natural quartzite, and manufactured quartz. You work hard to make your home look nice for yourself, your family, and guests. You don’t deserve to have chips, scratches, stains or anything else that’s keeping your home from perfection. So when disaster strikes, where should you turn? 

Ancala Stone and Tile Cleaning

Many turn to their local handyman or cleaning crew to try to restore their stone, but few realize that can lead to more damage! Professional grade chemicals can permanently set stains and someone who doesn’t work with natural stone regularly may mess up your stone for good! The truth is without a quartz expert, you can expect results that are less than promising.

Finding a team that specializes in quartz restoration is not easy. Without proper experience, it is extremely hard to work with especially considering its different types. The good news is Allstone Pro restores and repairs stone all over Arizona, and specialize in quartz repair! 

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We are proud to serve Arizona homeowners and property owners for all their stone restoration needs. If you’re ready to have your quartz transformed, simply fill out our contact form or give us a call. We’ll explore the best services for your stone, and one of our experts will set a time that’s convenient for you to make your stone look new again!

No matter where stone is in your home – kitchens, bathrooms,  or even on the patio, we can revitalize your stone and answer any questions you may have about the restoration process. We look forward to helping your home look its best!

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Jerry R, Anthem AZ

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