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If you live in Whisper Rock Arizona, you most likely have natural stone in your home. Whether its in the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor patio, natural stone provides a luxurious element to any room. Not to mention it looks great and will outlast almost any alternative. Plus, you can use it for tile, countertops or even as a great center piece. All these things together make natural stone a very worthy investment.

But how would you feel if you paid a lot of money for something valuable, and over time it lost its beauty? This may surprise you, but there’s one important fact many homeowners don’t realize about their stone. If your natural stone is not properly maintained, it can lead to disaster!

Why You Need To Protect Your Stone

Natural Stone might be literally rock hard, but just because its durable doesn’t mean its invincible to stains, scratches, and even certain chemicals. Substances like coffee, lemon juice and even household cleaners can destroy the beautiful look of your stone. If this has happened to you, you don’t have to worry! All Stone Pro has your back. We provide Whisper Rock AZ natural stone restoration to homeowners and businesses. If you have natural stone that’s lost its luster, we can help. Not only does All Stone Pro have years of experience, but we specialize in services that most other stone companies shy away from. Take a look at some of our specialty services below. 

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Whisper Rock Slate Repair

Slate is a beautiful natural stone that can be used is many parts of the home. It provides a rough texture while still giving off a luxurious look that fits in any room. But if something goes wrong with your slate, it can be especially difficult to repair! And finding a replacement stone of the same shape, color and texture is almost impossible. So you’ll either end up with a stone that looks out of place, or you’ll have to replace the entire slate area. Without the proper equipment and experience, you could spend hours trying to put it back together and end up with something worse than what you started with. Your time is valuable, so why spend yours when you could hire an expert that can have it fixed fast? If your slate has been chipped or cracked, shows signs of discoloration, or even just needs a thorough stone cleaning, we’re happy to help. All Stone Pro specializes in Whisper Rock slate repair.

We restore slate on a regular basis, and have been doing so for years. All of our experts are trained on how to not just repair slate, but make it look like there was never any damage to begin with. If you need Whisper Rock slate repair, let All Stone Pro make it easy for you!

Whisper Rock Quartz Restoration

Quartz is by far one of the most beautiful natural stones. Many Whisper Rock home owners use it in their bathrooms and kitchens to give their home a gorgeous upgrade. But did you know not all quartz is created equal? Quartzite, the natural stone is commonly confused with man-made quartz. These two surfaces look almost identical, which means both work great in your home.

However, when it comes to damaged quartz, the way they are restored is completely different. Since one is made of filaments, glass, and resin and the other is natural rock, getting service for the wrong type of stone could quickly turn into a mess. We specialize in Whisper Rock quartz restoration, and can easily tell the difference between the two. Not only that, but we know how to repair each type of gorgeous stone to make it look like the day you bought it!

How Can You Get Started?

Ready to get your natural stone back to looking its best? Just reach out to us here. All Stone Pro services all types of natural stone in the Whisper Rock area, we offer many more services than what’s mentioned here. We’ll carefully examine your stone, diagnose the damage, and set up your treatment plan. Schedule a time with us that works for you, and watch your stone transform to new again. At All Stone Pro, we look forward to being your natural stone restoration experts!

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