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Natural stone is a great enhancement to any home. It adds a natural element to the space and provides a luxurious feel to any room.

It fits in perfectly for use as countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, and even tile. While you may end up having to replace other substitutes after a few years, stone like marble, quartz, and granite last a lifetime. They’re extremely durable, and outlast various other materials like laminate and wood.

These are just a few of the reasons why homeowners in the Ancala AZ area love their natural stone. There’s no doubt that having natural stone in your home is worth the investment. But what many people don’t realize is when their stone is not properly maintained, it can be a disaster!

Revive Your Counters, Tile and More

As already mentioned, natural stone is usually a very strong material. However, there are a few exceptions. Many are sensitive to highly acidic substances, certain chemicals, and richly colored substances like coffee – yes you read that right, everyone’s favorite morning beverage. Coincidentally, some if not ALL of these are found in the same rooms as your natural stone.  In the kitchen, something as simple as lemon juice or spilled drink could ruin a perfect countertop. Even in the bathroom, some of those typical household chemicals can spell bad news for your natural stone.

So if you have damage, what are your options? When dealing with discoloration or stains, you might decide to contact a household cleaning company. Surely if they work in every part of the house they can get rid of stains, right? Except for the fact that many of the harsh chemicals they use are exactly what hurts natural stone. They’ll eat away the finish, and leave you with a ruined tile or counter.

You could call one of your local Ancala countertop repair services. But chances are, they don’t work with natural stone every day. And even if they do, every type of stone is different. Without the right experience and expertise, you’ll have burned through hours of your time and still be left with the same problem! Or worse, some of those magic products they promised to help will permanently ruin your natural stone.

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Get Help From Allstone Pro

So what’s your best option? Allstone Pro works with natural stone every day and has the experienced team you need to make your stone look great. Plus, we have professional grade equipment and substances specifically designed to work on natural stone.

Instead of being a cleaning company or repairmen, we focus on restoring your stone the way it was meant to look. A group of specialists is standing by ready to help with Ancala natural stone restoration. You can contact us here.

Ancala Stone and Tile Cleaning

Natural stone is not just found inside the home though. Many use stone like travertine in their outdoor patios, areas by the pool, and even just for exterior decoration. This brings a whole list of other potential harms to your stone! The sun and heat over time can fade, discolor or even destroy the finish on your tile. Not to mention any stone you walk on indoors or out is bound to get dirty.

That’s why in addition to offering stone restoration, we also provide Ancala, AZ travertine cleaning and repair. Allstone offers services that do everything from bringing back your stone’s shine to protecting it from future damage. If you’re in need of any stone restoration in Ancala, we can help. Get in touch with us by phone or through our contact form and we’ll revive your stone in no time!

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