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Maintain Your Natural Stone

Stones like granite, marble, and quartz are great for adding to the way your property feels and looks. They create a warm and welcoming environment that makes your house more inviting and add natural elements to your home.

And when properly taken care of, your natural stone can last for years! It’s extremely durable, and will outlast almost every other alternative for counters, flooring and more. However, if yours is not being maintained the right way, it can lead to serious damage. If you have natural stone with any kind of damage, scratches, or stains, you need expert help. We’ve had many clients that use standard repair methods or attempt DIY stone restoration and actually end up making the damage permanent! 

If your stone is in need of restoration, cleaning, or repair, we have the tools and experience to make it look great once again. Take a look at a few of our many services below:

Travertine and Tile Cleaning

A common stone that we work with in Arcadia, Arizona is travertine, and it’s not hard to see why. It adds a beautiful look to multiple parts of the home like the bathroom, kitchen and even outdoor areas. Whether your travertine is inside or outside, All Stone Pro is here to help.

We help home and property owners all over Arizona, including Arcadia. Even though travertine and other natural stone tiles are extremely durable, they will start to lose their sheen over time. If your tile starts to look hazy or faded, it can take away from the entire look of your home! Whether you have natural stone tile in your kitchen, on the patio, or even throughout your entire house we have the professional tools and experience to make yours shine. 

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Natural Stone Restoration Services

Sometimes, the damage is deeper than just a faded finish. And who doesn’t have the occasional spill, dropped dish, or scrape on their natural stone? Accidents happen, and the majority of the time your stone will handle it well. But certain substances can leave your stone in a rough spot! Even simple things like acids, cleaners, and coffee can leave a nasty mark on your beautiful counters or tile. 

If this happens, you could call your regular cleaning company or household repair man. But without professional equipment and experience dealing with natural stone, it’s a gamble. Our team located in Arcadia AZ specializes in natural stone restoration and have performed hundreds of projects with stone just like yours. And, All Stone Pro has the ability to make even the toughest stone damage disappear. 

How Can You Get Started?

When you call us about countertop repair or natural stone restoration, our first job is to diagnose the best treatment plan for your stone. We’ll ask you a few questions to find out more information about the damage, and if you have any pictures feel free to send them our way! 

After, we will find a time convenient for you and do an in-person assessment for what service will make your stone look its best. This could be anything from full restoration to something less in depth like honing and sealing. No matter what the problem is, don’t leave your faded, cloudy, or dirty stone to get worse!

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