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Your Natural Stone Can Last A Lifetime

Why is natural stone so popular in homes design? Both interior and exterior design include surfaces that need a tough, yet durable material.

Plus, these types of stone surfaces can be cut to fit any number of shower, backsplash and counter configurations. It no wonder some many houses in Care Free Arizona have stone integrated into their architecture.

Natural stone checks theses boxes, and more. Not only does natural stone like travertine, marble and slate come in a wide range of colors and looks – it can last a lifetime when cared for properly.

That doesn’t mean over the counter cleaners can’t be used for some light stone cleaning tasks. But, at some point professional natural stone restoration services are needed to bring it back to life.

Why Stone Restoration Make A Real Difference

Natural stone is a porous material, which allows other chemicals and dirt to penetrate the surface. Over time, even store bought cleaners just can’t get that layer of grime off.

What does that mean? Over time, your marble or natural stone may appear dull and even discolored. Depending on the type and location of the stone, even hard water can change the looks of stone in your shower or other wet areas.

By having a stone restoration done by professionals, it means applying methods and chemicals to the stone that can remove those contaminants without damaging the stone itself.

This type of care only comes with years of hands on experience maintaining stone. The best parts is, your home in Cave Creek gets to reap the benefits of our care.

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Protect Your Investment

You’ve probably invested a significant amount of money in your stonework. Why risk damaging your countertops or natural tile with abrasives or chemicals that make the problem worse over time?

Our stone restoration experience can help guide you through how to care for your specific stonework. There are different methods and techniques depending on where the stone is located and even it’s current condition. We can even help you with damaged stone or countertop chip repairs in your kitchen and bath.

Just like you maintain your roof, landscaping and pool, travertine and other natural materials need the right type of care to make them last.

How To Start Your Restoration Process

Once you contact our team, we’ll ask a few questions about the type of stone you have. Even a few pictures you can send will really help us.

When we schedule a free consultation at your home, we can assess any natural stone you have and recommend a number of solutions.

These restoration methods range from simple surface prep and cleaning, to honing and sealing based on the current condition of your marble, travertine or other surfaces you have. We can even clean your tile and grout to make it look new again.

No matter if your stone is installed in bathrooms, kitchens, entry areas or even exterior patio and pool decks – we’ve got the answers to your stone restoration questions.

It all starts with a free call at (602) 312-6242 or by contacting us and setting up an appointment that works for you.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge on stonework with you and helping your home to look its best!

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