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Your Natural Stone Can Gleam Again

What makes natural stone so popular for homes in the Desert Mountain, AZ area? For one, natural stone is a beautiful way to add a natural element to any home.

The best part is stone materials like these can be shaped and cut to be perfectly placed into all kinds of backsplash, countertop, and bathroom configurations. It’s no surprise then that so many homes in Desert Mountain use natural stone. It just makes sense to have something authentic, that lasts longer, and looks better in your home. That’s part of the reason why stones like granite, marble, and travertine have become so popular.

When not cared for properly though, it can mean disaster for your stone. Either way, at some point professional natural stone restoration services are necessary to make them look new again.

How Stone Restoration is Different

Many homeowners notice a stain on their stone, and resort to regular household cleaners right away. Those are great for other parts of the house. So how could it possibly hurt durable rock, right? You may be shocked to learn the opposite is true! Natural stone is quite literally rock hard, but it’s also a porous material, which allows chemicals as well as dirt to penetrate the surface. That means those cleaners can not only damage your stone, but they also don’t get rid of deep stains. Sometimes they even set them permanently!

What does that mean for your natural stone countertops, floors, and other areas? Over time, your marble or natural stone may start to look dull and even discolored. Depending on the location of the stone, this could take a few years or much longer. Whether it’s faded, stained, or even chipped natural stone, Allstone Pro can help. 

When you have your Desert Mountain home stone restoration done by professionals, it makes all the difference. We have the tools and equipment to make your stone look new without risking damage. Unlike regular chemical cleaners, we use those specially formulated for natural stone repair and restoration. While many businesses offer natural stone care, many of them don’t work with quartz, marble, and granite every day. 

On the other hand, Allstone Pro specializes in natural stone. The level of care we provide only comes with years of hands on experience with countertop repair, natural stone tile cleaning and of course, natural stone restoration. The best part is we perform these services all over the greater Desert Mountain area.  

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Make Your Tile Look Brand New

One area we find many Desert Mountain homeowners make use of natural stone is tile. It works great for the patio, around the pool or even as beautiful flooring in your home.

The elements like the hot Arizona sun and even regular foot traffic can slowly wear away at your tile’s polished finish. When that happens you have a few options. You can clean the tile yourself using what you have around the house, but scrubbing floors is a lot of work and you won’t get the same results as proper tile equipment. You could rent professional tools to help you get the job done, but unless you’ve been trained how to use it, you’re going to end up with a less than great result. 

Or, you could skip the extra work and costs and go straight to Allstone Pro. Our tile cleaning team is ready and available to make your tile gleam today!

How To Jumpstart Your Stone Restoration

After getting in touch with our team, we’ll get to know your stone. This is done by finding out more information about type of stone, the location, and more. If you have pictures you can send our way that is always helpful! We’ll find a time convenient for you to examine and diagnose your stone free of charge, and then suggest an action plan to get your stone looking great again. 

We offer a wide range of services including everything from honing and sealing your stone to grout cleaning and more. Our top priority is making sure your home looks and feels the way you deserve it to. You can learn more about us here.

To get started, give us a call at (602) 312-6242 or contact us using our form. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and revitalizing your stone!

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