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Caring For Your Natural Stone

Your natural stone enhances the look and feel of your home. Nothing makes your countertops, tile, and other hard surfaces look better.

When cared for correctly, natural stone lasts forever. But like any surface as the years go by it gets hard to keep looking new. Plus, trying to clean it or do stone restoration yourself can actually lead to more damage!

If you need your natural stone restored, cleaned, or repaired, we can help. Take a look at a few of our many services

Travertine Cleaning

One of the most common stones we work with is Travertine, and it’s easy to see why. It adds a finish to your bathroom, floors and even out door areas that never goes out of style. If your home contains travertine inside or out, All Stone Pro is at your service.

We perform tile cleaning all over the state, including Flagstaff, Arizona. Your home deserves to look beautiful, and even regular wear and tear can leave Travertine looking faded or dirty. Our approach is catered to each tile cleaning project. Based on the area, extent of the dirt or fading, and other factors we use unique stone cleaning methods to restore your surfaces to their original sheen.

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Natural Stone Restoration

Sometimes, your stone needs more attention than just a cleaning. Who hasn’t had a coffee spill or dish break leaving a stain or chip in your countertop? And nothing is worse than having a perfect piece of stone with one damaged spot to draw all the attention.

This is our area of expertise. Our Flagstaff countertop repair team has the necessary tools specifically designed to perform restoration service on your stone.

We repair everything from marble, granite, quartz, and more. If you have any questions about a surface that could benefit from natural stone restoration, please contact us, we want to help!

Protect Your Beautiful Home Surfaces

Natural stone is an expensive, but worthy investment. Nothing makes an area of your house look better than a nice marble or travertine finish. Without regular upkeep though, you can end up with surfaces too deeply damaged to repair.

Then you end up paying for replacement stone and installation costs all over again. It makes sense to protect your stone on the front side. Our sealants are specifically formulated to shield your stone from damage and wear, and to keep them in top shape – which means less calls to us!


How Can You Get Started?

When you contact our team of experts, we’ll find out a few more details about your stone. If you have a damaged surface that needs special attention, sending us pictures can help us find the best stone restoration method.

Next, we’ll schedule a time to assess the surface at your home and suggest what solutions are best for you. This could be anything from cleaning and polishing to something more like honing and sealing. Don’t leave your faded, cloudy, or dirty stone to get worse!

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