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When smart homeowners need stone restoration by real professionals that don’t take clients for granite, they call us for amazing results and excellent customer service.

What’s The Difference Between Stone Cleaning and Stone “Restoration”?

Natural stone comes in endless styles and colors, and why it’s been used in high-end homes throughout Arizona for decades. Nothing matches the beauty of marble and stone.

The bad news is…your natural stone is under attack. Everything from pet accidents, daily foot traffic and splashing grease from taco night bombard your stone on a daily basis.

Cleaning your stone with over-the-counter products may be a quick fix for Buster’s early morning “accident”.

But, there’s a bigger problem once you’ve scratched the surface…literally.

These micro scratches and tiny gouges trap dirt, debris and filth over time. Plus, refracting light causes your stone to lose its original luster and looks dull.

In fact, it can even change the color of your stonework altogether.

If you’ve peered at your tile or countertops and thought, “they don’t look like they used to?”. Don’t worry, that’s where we can help.

From Marble And Travertine Or Anything In Between…
We’ve Got You Covered

When your travertine become dull or scratched, it’s time to contact us and schedule your expert restoration service immediatly. We’re an expert in travertine polishing and sealing in order to bring back the luster your natural stone once had.

No other surface compares to the luster of natural stone. Not only does it come in a wide range of options to match you style and design elements, it also offers unparalleled  shine and elegance.

Eventually your stone gets scuffs, stains, dull spots, etching, chips & cracks, or other damage, this beauty is diminished. Don’t worry, we can clean, refinish and seal your natural surfaces to look as good as new… or even better.

At All Stone Pro, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology combined with years of stone care to deliver both an excellent result and an amazing customer experience.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve used All Stone Pro several times now, not only do they do great work, Dustin is very professional, personable and thorough. I plan to always use their service!

Jesse W.

Peoria, AZ

Dustin is the best!!!
I’ve used him three times for two of our homes and he always does an amazing job! He’s reliable, fair and trustworthy.
I won’t use anyone else…

Erin H.

Phoenix, AZ

Services We Provide

Your travertine, granite, marble and other natural stone can be brought back to life without the hefty price tag of replacement.

We would love to have the opportunity to show you how our stone care experts can make a dramatic difference for your floors, countertops, showers and more.













Infinity™ Lifetime Countertop Stain Protection Warranty

The MORE™ Infinity™ Lifetime Warranty Program provides that extra level of protection for granite and marble.

This stain protection warranty gives you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your countertop investment with a full countertop replacement, not a new bottle of sealer.