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Your Beautiful Natural Stone

If you own a home in the Troon North area of Scottsdale AZ, chances are you have natural stone somewhere in your house. Stone like marble, quartz, and granite offer a beautiful way to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms.

They add a natural luxurious look to any area, and are extremely durable. This makes natural stone a great investment for homeowners and property managers of Troon North, which is why they’re so common.

What many don’t realize however, is that when your stone is not maintained properly, it can lead to disaster!

Restore Your Stone To Perfection

Why would a literally rock-hard counter or tile need maintenance? While natural stone is impervious to most types of damage that would normally hurt your countertops, there are a few exceptions. Most Troon North residents are shocked to find out that simple substances like lemon juice, coffee and household cleaners can wreak havoc on your stone. Conveniently, one or all of these tend to be used in the same room as your precious countertops and tile. And who hasn’t had the occasional spill? If you notice your natural stone has discolor, looks faded or damaged, what are your options?

You could call your local Troon North countertop repair man. But chances are, he doesn’t have expertise in natural stone. Many use one fits all solutions, which can leave you with a messy result. That means not only are you putting your countertops at risk, you’re hiring someone who’s not even giving you a perfect look when they do their job right.

Other homeowners see a stain, and call whatever cleaning company they normally use. These companies use chemicals that are exactly what damage natural stone! Now you’re left with a countertop that’s permanently stained and the finish is destroyed! Neither of these options sound like a very good way to spend your hard earned money, so what should you do?

You should contact natural stone experts. Allstone pro has years of experience working with all types of natural stone, and uses only the best products on your countertops and tile. We’re Troon North’s natural stone restoration service, not just “repairmen”. That means we can save your stone, removing damage and making it look brand new.

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Travertine Tile and Stone Cleaning

Do you have travertine in your home that’s starting to look worn? Travertine is one of our specialties. We clean and repair all types of natural stone tile. Many people use tile like travertine in their patios, around the pool or inside. 

Unlike countertops which might be used lightly, tile gets much more attention. Think about it – beams from the sun, weather conditions, and not to mention foot traffic all contribute to the wear of your stone. If you notice your gorgeous tile starts to appear dirty or hazy, a professional cleaning can make a huge difference.

Our travertine cleaning specialists in Troon North will restore your tile to its original sheen! Is your tile made of a different rock? That’s no problem, because we work with all types of natural stone.

How We Can Help

If there is anything wrong with your natural stone or even if it’s just starting to look dull, don’t hesitate to get help from Allstone Pro. Our range of services is designed to keep your stone in great shape and protected! That means you’ll spend more time enjoying your beautiful home and less time making phone calls to us.  Whether you’re in need of countertop restoration or just stone cleaning, we’re up to the task.

When you’re ready to get started, reach out to us through our contact form or call at the number below. We’ll find out basic information about your stone and the damage to diagnose your stone’s needs. Then we’ll build a treatment plan that fits your countertops, tile, or other natural stone, and make all of it happen at your convenience. Reach out to us today at 602-312-6242

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